Tash Pieterse

Iā€™m Tash Pieterse, an experienced and enthusiastic HR professional working as an independent consultant. My experience is extensive across the HR spectrum, with particular focus on HR foundations, employment relations, change management and manager development and coaching. I have worked in a range of industries including government education and health, IT, professional services and HR consulting. My focus is to work with small to medium sized companies on their people stuff. Whether that be implementing new systems and processes to streamline their HR foundations, support them through restructuring or coaching and mentoring their leaders; I want to help them succeed. 

Being active in the HR community is something I have always been passionate about. In February 2018 I co-founded the Auckland HR Meetup focused on creating a community for people professionals to collaborate and share knowledge to empower each other to implement change in their organisations. I am always looking for challenging projects that push me to learn more, which is why I was named in the Top 12 HR Practitioners in New Zealand. 

Outside of HR, I blog and coach on intentional and minimalist living and I aim to bring that into my everyday HR practice to help businesses focus on what's important and necessary for achieving their vision, not focusing on all the noise that comes with the job. Being a minimalist translates well into my communication, I tell it like it is and I don't suggest what I don't believe in! 

I love Crossfit (yes, I'm one of them haha), I love the variety, intensity and dedication needed to be good at it - also necessary in business. I live a plant-based lifestyle and am quite the advocate for wellness in all aspects of life. I am also an avid traveller taking trips every year to explore the world, so far, Bali is definitely in my top 3!!


To get great work done together get in touch or to find out more about my experience check out my LinkedIn.