Preparing for a career development conversation with your manager

Preparing for a career development conversation with your manager

Being able to talk to your manager about your career is absolutely necessary to get the most out of your current role and know what the next steps look like. Performance development conversations are perfect for these conversations, it usually happens around performance review time.

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Career coaching with me!

Have you ever found yourself in a job or career and thought to yourself... "Do I love this?", "Do I feel successful in this line of work?", "Am I being supported in a way that is helping me learn and grow?". If so, you're not alone. Over the last month I've met with a few individuals who have been asking themselves the same questions.

If you work in HR you've probably had a few friends reach out and ask you what kind of job they should apply for, if you can look over their CV or cover letter, or how do they deal with the horrible manager they have at the moment. Most likely because we either work in recruitment so know what to look for in quality candidates and we know what a good CV and cover letter looks like and possibly because we coach and support managers on how to be good managers and leaders (well, try to).

I've always loved having these conversations, but recently I've taken a more holistic approach to them and prompting people to think about:

  • what's really important to you and does your role or company align with that?
  • what are the non-negotiables for your next role/company and what are you willing to compromise on?
  • what do you absolutely love about your current role that you want to continue doing?
  • what are you missing from your current role that you'd like to have in your next role?

It's exciting and heartwarming listening as they work through each of the questions and watching as they start to realise the things that they love and want more of and the things that they don't enjoy so they can think about how that changes what they might look for next.

This is why I'm offering career coaching. It's more than us talking about just your work, it's us talking about your life and how your work fits into that.

I am offering personalised coaching for individuals looking for a career change or the next step up in their current career. We all think about what we would like to do next and can be paralysed by all of the things that go into choosing the next job, jazzing up your CV and cover letter, preparing for the interview, that we can sometimes avoid doing anything at all or overlook some of the more important parts of the process (what do you really want).

This is where coaching with me will help you. We'll break it down, identify practical and manageable steps so you can secure the role you love in a career you're passionate about.

If you want to find out more about what I offer, you can check it out below and if you're interested in working with me, get in touch and we'll set up a call to see if it's the right fit.

How you choose to spend your days, is how you spend your life, so spend it doing what you will enjoy!

All the best,


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